it's kind of awkward when someone always sings an octave too high and they think they sound amazing. When in reality they just sound horrible because you can hear them over everyone else and it ruins the song. amirite?

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I don't know anyone like that but it sounds annoying. You know what else is annoying (albeit kind of funny), when you're in a choir and the tenors start singing soprano in falsetto.

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I'm an alto, but half of the girls around me sing the soprano part. I just think "STOP, you are messing me up!"

If you mean something like a choir song with separate parts then I totally get it, but if you mean just singing a regular song for the heck of it then everyone has a different range. I have a really high voice, but I've been known to make up a descant on the spot in order to make the higher vocals fit.

It's mainly because we sing in band as a way to stay in tune. As for singing a song for fun no girl should ever sing Justin beiber in a falsetto.... It's terrifying.

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