My Pokémon bring all the nerds to the yard, and they're like you wanna trade cards? Darn right I wanna trade cards, I'll trade you but not charzard. amirite?

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That brightened up my day.

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I think you are officially the coolest person on Earth.

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its charizard, not charzard. but good post all in all

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facebook facebook facebook!!

@meggie127 facebook facebook facebook!!

i know i know i know!!! i was gonna say that! but i still like it :P

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hahaha :) lmfao :D

*Charizard. And I've definitely seen this before, but I suppose I'll let you off the hook...

I'm sorry, since I read the comments and they were all good... good job but i couldn't really follow along :|

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Hahahahahaha. I haven't seen that before. Seriously made me laugh/

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you sang the song in your head while reading this... ;)

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