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She's the bride and it's hers and the grooms day. If she wants to get tanked, she can. IMO

rowannes avatar rowanne No Way +19Reply

That's what the bachlorette party is for(:

Noshatsherlocks avatar Noshatsherlock Yeah You Are +10Reply

She's allowed to have fun, it is her wedding.

kerouacs avatar kerouac No Way +10Reply

It's her wedding who cares?

It's my wedding I'll drink if I want to. (parody of it's my party I'll cry if I want to)

Just leave if you can't stomach it. Think of all the stress she's had to go through to plan the dang wedding. The least she can do is let loose and have a little fun. After all a wedding is a party celebrating the union of two people, not a business conference.

It's not the classy if the bride or the groom gets drunk and sloppy at their wedding, so why single her out?

It's her way of celebrating. Let the bride/groom do what they want.