"So big boobs or little boobs?" "Duh big boobs." "So you'd screw that fat chick over there??" "Ah shit nvm.", amirite?

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I personally don't believe fat women have big boobs especially if a male with the same weight as her has bigger boobs than her. I will admit they have boobs but if I can't see the difference between the natural boob or the body fat boob than I count that as cheating. If I was in a contest to see you can guess the skinnest person I wouldn't bet on those kids in Africa who have been starving for over 20 years now.

lol like tits without nipples

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lol xD

Lol flat stomach big tna other girls hate me for it xD

@Juliaface Lol flat stomach big tna other girls hate me for it xD

I am going to assume by TNA you mean Tits 'n' Ass. I don't know a single person who has ass requirements for their mate. Why would anyone be jealous of an ass anyways?

@Juliaface lol have you met black guys? and no body likes flat backsides not even white guys

I know black guys. I also know hispanic males and asian males as well. I also know white males, myself included. I didn't mean flat backsides. I just said they didn't have requirements for butts like just regular butts.

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