It stupid how people think that what Asians eat is 'disgusting' such as eating dogs. Why is eating a dog gross? Is it because they can be pets? Well fish and chickens make pets too. And what difference does it make eating a dog compared to eating a pig or cow? Asians also eat 'gross' parts of an animal because they do not like to waste the animal; which is better then animals getting killed for a specific part of their body while the rest are thrown out, amirite?

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I agree completely. People feel so sad to think of animals that they typically see running around free being killed for food, but no one cares about eating cows because they don't see them around or interact with them as pets.

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Cows are often very friendly too. Where I keep my horse, there are six cows and they are the sweetest, most social cows I've ever seen. They act like giant lap dogs. Unfortunately, one day they will be used for meat.

Dog isn't gross because its a pet, dog is gross because it tastes disgusting...