Anytime you feel unequal to a girl that's in a clique or is "more popular" than you are, remember she shits on the toilet just like any other girl does. Everyone farts. Everyone shits. Even the popular girls. amirite?

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Girls do nothing of the sort!

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@Girls do nothing of the sort!

Ha! You should have seen me one time with food poisoning! Not only did it feel like I was pissing out of my ass, but I projectile vomited into a plastic bag and then had to sit there and hold it until my ass was done leaking.

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All the popular girls I went to school with ended up unmarried, single, and pregnant before graduation. I no longer hate them, I pity their sad lives.

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Me and my friends always made fun of the popular girls because they were "deformed".
The leader had a lot of warts and a crooked nose, one girl had extra teeth and was so shy she never talked to anyone, one girl had index fingers that never grew out properly, and one girl was very poor and had a big forehead.
They too, are now single and have children.

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