I say we throw the killers in dungeons, toss them some bread and water, and whoever survives, survives, but you can never leave the dungeon. We save space and money, amirite?

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That is totally inhumane

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@Blucatt That is totally inhumane

I know frown smilie
Im not an evil, barbaric bitch. I don't even fully agree with my own post. I posted it after the death of my cousin, I was just mad :/

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@SkylarOctavious Yeah thanks.

Aww :( I know the feeling. What happened?

@Blucatt Aww :( I know the feeling. What happened?

Her abusive husband didn't like the fact that she was leaving him. So, after she moved, he tracked her down, and broke into her apartment. He shot her 5 times, before dousing her, their 10 month old, and sleeping 3 year old in gas and setting the house on fire. The 3 year old, by miracle, survived.

I agree with the general idea, but I'd prefer we just kill them and be done with it. The problem is that we can't always be 100% sure who the killer is. Innocent people get convicted, and guilty people go free.

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I look at it more like treating a bacterial infection. We don't kill the bacteria to get back at it or punish it, we kill it because it is making us unhealthy. We shouldn't kill murderers because of an "eye for an eye" mentality, we should kill them because it's an effective method of ridding society of persons that can't function within it.

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Don't think of it as revenge. There are consequences for your actions, it's justice.

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Ok woah, I skipped over his comment. When I saw the notif for someone commenting on my post, and your name, I automatically assumed it was in response to my last comment about prison. Sorry.
I do have to agree with your last statement though. We should put all prisoners to work.

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Definitely not as much as we should.


At the time, I was definitely thinking along those terms. I just felt that a heavier price should be paid by people who take other peoples lives.

Some killers are much worse than others.

Then we'd be lowering ourselves to their level almost

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What does that mean?


@SkylarOctavious What does what mean? Rise? |:'

When the comment section is in ashes, you have my permission to die.

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