It sucks when your boyfriend dumps you because his friend told him to, amirite?

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It also sucks when you're a lousy enough girlfriend that your boyfriend won't hesitate to dump you because his friend wants him to.

@__i_never_walk_alone You're obviously looking for pity.

Is it really that obvious? I would've never guessed.

@TeddyBearsAreAlive Is it really that obvious? I would've never guessed.

I pity you. But that wasn't the only reason he broke up with you.

@TeddyBearsAreAlive I know, but that's all I heard.

Well my sympathy goes out to you. And my advice is to not worry about why he broke up with you. Just move one. It probably won't have been your last heartbreak.

I have a feeling thats not the real reason unless you dated a completely brainless boy who can't think for himself. And in that case, I don't think he's worth it.

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wait a friend told him to? now can i kick his ass??

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