Whenever your horse playing around, and you accidentally hurt someone and they start screaming, you're just like "shutup shutup shutup", amirite?

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Whenever I rape someone, and they start screaming, I'm just like "shut up shut up shut up!".

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oh the problems of being the eldest child

Cgymnast7s avatar Cgymnast7 Yeah You Are +13Reply

"Don't cry! Don't cry! Hey remember that time when insert funny story here?"

Clementiness avatar Clementines Yeah You Are +9Reply

Trot on the neigh sayers.

I was playing Slaps with my friend during a fire drill and hit a little two hard and she yelled and our teachers were like "Get back in line."

Pun_Coons avatar Pun_Coon Yeah You Are 0Reply

I don't have a horse

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