Life is like a RPG. You level up on your birthday, and gain various skills such as 'walking' and 'dancing' on the way. School is like the newbie zone, where you get free healing food and get taught everything you need to know. Then by the end of the newbie zone you get to choose your class (fireman, scientist, etc...) and you spend the rest of your RPG life completing quests before deadlines and earning money. But the only thing missing is respawn. amirite?

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Of COURSE they're similar. RPG's are based on lifelike experience (ignoring the unrealistic twists to make it exciting)

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Well he have hacks... Bill Gate's bank account info, Any blackmail of a powerful person, etc

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The graphics are good, but the AI is terrible.

What does this have to do with Rocket Propelled Grenades?

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Needs more world saving.

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Time to go get a giant sword and slay my neighbor

No, it's not missing. We're just the exceptional ones that in the start menu chose "Hardcore Mode" where our characters get deleted when it reaches 0 hp instead of a respawn.

Hardcore mode or don't play at all.


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