Musicians: telling what the accidentals are in the key signature can be a real bitch sometimes, amirite?

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The trouble usually lies when the tonality of the piece moves away from the key signature and then returns and you're like "WTF, this note was sharp for the last thirty measures and now it's not."

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The key signature shouldn't be hard to read. All flats and sharps will appear in the same order, so all you have to do is count the number of flats or sharps in the key.
Order of the sharps are: F-C-G-D-A-E-B
Order of the flats are: B-E-A-D-G-C-F
If you come across of piece with one flat in the key, the flat will always be B.
If you come across a piece with two sharps, those notes will always be F and C.
If you come across a piece with five flats they will always be B, E, A, D and G.
Note that you only have to remember the order for either the flats or the sharps, because they flats are just the sharps backwards and vice versa.
Hope this helps with reading keys from now on :)

If you need help on how the remember them, just use the trick I do. The flats spell out "bead" then add Good Clean Fun to the end. Before long, you'll be a natural at it.

Would somebody please explain what this is? I'd really like to know.

@stretchyrocco Would somebody please explain what this is? I'd really like to know.

In written music, the key signature is a small indicator showing whether a certain note is sharp (#) or flat (b). For example, if the key signature has a small "#" on the F line, you'll play all the F notes as F#.

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@stretchyrocco Would somebody please explain what this is? I'd really like to know.

And the accidentals would be the Fs not aren't sharp, but natural. So you have to change what you usually play on the note F in the song.

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Oh I see. So, what are 'accidentals' and why is it annoying when people pick them up?

It's worse when the music has two parts and it's really hard to tell which note the accidental is for

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