You've fantasized about saving someone else's life at least once, amirite?

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I read this as "having someone else's life" at first but my answer was still YYA when I read it correctly.

CarolineGustins avatar CarolineGustin Yeah You Are +4Reply

I started my mom's heart again after she overdosed :)

Montanas avatar Montana Yeah You Are +2Reply

I imagine being badass and saving someone from a building with a bomb that could detonate at any second or a wild fire inside when everyone else says it's too dangerous, and end up saving them with seconds to spare.
It almost makes Eng Literature class fun.

Anonymous +2Reply

I save people from boiling pots of lava all the time

fifthfogels avatar fifthfogel Yeah You Are +1Reply

I do this whenever I'm bored...

Moonshoess avatar Moonshoes Yeah You Are 0Reply

Um...lets try at least 2304 times...... during biology. And math. And Spanish......... And tech.

And in the shower.


Ebony_Ways avatar Ebony_Way Yeah You Are 0Reply

no i never have and i keep seeing these posts everywhere now i think i'm weird....

I actually saved someone from drowning #beatyah

Anonymous -1Reply
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