You would live your life differently if the human life span was 40 years, amirite?

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Well I wouldn't want to spend over half my life in school.

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If doctors back in the day went through as much schooling as today's doctors, they would have only practiced for like 5 years before they died!

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For all we know, our life span could be 40 years :P

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That's why people today are so lazy with the time they have just because they have so much. But back when medicine could only go so far...

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I would wanna get married/ have a family soon

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school? chuckle... no thank you

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It's actually a life expectancy of 48.66 years, but to our standards, that's still not a long time.

Source: https://www.cia.gov/library/pub...k/geos/wz.html

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