It's extremely annoying when people point out minor flaws in obviously fictional movies. It's like, so you have no problem with a movie about trucks that transform into giant robots and fight for humanity, but if a guy doesnt get cut up by a piece of glass, its a big deal? amirite?

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It's sorta hard to explain, but in movies like Transformers you accept that the robotic transformation is part of (as Brett said) the premise of the movie. In the context of the movie, trucks transforming is logical.

But the premise doesn't cover a guy being unable to get hurt, so flaws like that become annoying.

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You have to accept the premise of a movie or else you can't enjoy it. If the rest of the movie does not logically fit with that premise or is just illogical in general, then fuck it.

It kinda depends.

I've never seen the movie Sucker Punch, but it's about this hot blonde girl who was trained to fight from birth for some reason and she was doing these ridiculous moves like jumping and flying 20 feet and shit like that in the previews. It looked dumb as crap.

Now, the movie Hannah, which I have seen, has the same outline, but they were showing things like having good aim with a gun, punching, blocking, basically realistic shit. Way better movie.

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Cartoons are different. They're not supposed to make sense. Transformers was a science fiction movie (or rather, 3 movies), so they're supposed to follow the existing rules of science unless otherwise specified. Cartoons are meant to be completely ridiculous.


On free balloon day, the fire goes out because they are underwater, just saying.

No, the 'transforming' part of Transformers is an obvious part of the movie accepted by the audience. It is now the filmmakers' job to keep the audience persuaded and suspended in that world. By making mistakes like these, it distracts the audience and breaks the suspension of disbelief.

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I disagree. For Transformers, the movie still has to be realistic within the confines of a world the same as ours but with transformers. As such, people should realistically be cut by glass, even if transformers are sci-fi.

That reminds me of when my dad saw the third Transformers. He said he didn't like it because the whole thing with the 'real' reason for going to the moon was unrealistic. So I guess he found the whole alien robots that transform into cars thing legit.

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