If there's a song on the radio that you really don't like, you should be able to call them and tell them to change it. Then, if they get a certain amount of callers telling them to change it before it's halfway over, they change it. Amirite?

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That would create huge safety hazards on the roads since most listeners are probably driving. Plus, if it's really that annoying, just change it. Songs are only ~3 minutes long on average.

What about all the people that like the song? It's more unfair to have a song you like cut off of the radio than to have a song you don't like playing.

It would be really annoying for someone who was actually enjoying the song and then suddenly it changes.

and logistically speaking, that would be a pain in the ass for the DJs.

Thanks for all the supportive comments guys :)

Or you could just wait 3 minutes for the song to be over...

haha, one time a friend of mine called in and requested them to not play some overplayed song.

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