Since English was created in England, it can be assumed that the English created it. If the English created English, then an English accent is the real 'no accent' way to speak English, amirite?

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At the time it was created, they spoke differently than people do now, no matter what accent you speak, therefor, a "no accent English" no longer exists

Being English, I understand where you're coming from. However England is made up of dozens and dozens of accents depending on if you're from the North/South etc. Which would you establish as the "real" one?

There's so many English accents, and you really wouldn't want to class some of them as they real accent haha. I think we should all agree that there's no real accent.

I read somewhere that the American dialect of English is actually closer to how old English was spoken than the British dialect. But I read it on the internet so you can never be too sure.

Accents are weird. It's like a group of people who speak the same language move to a new land and eventually separate into their own little groups and over a certain time period they begin to pronounce things differently.

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Apparently, back in the 1500s, everyone spoke with an accent similar to the cockney one, even the aristocracy/ royal court. So instead when they portray King Henry VIII as some fine-speaking gent using the Queen's English, it'd probably be more accurate to have him talking like Ray Winstone. I'm not sure if that's the "earliest accent" though, just the farthest back I know.
Useless fact time over.

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If I remember correctly one of my teachers once said that the accent was derived form the old Welsh they spoke a long time ago. Then regional accents are changed and influenced by Celtic and Gaelic. The American accent became what it is just because it's separate from England. Old English was also spoken very differently than modern British English, is it really the original accent?

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The English didn't develop their accent until after the U.S. became a country.

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