People always talk about how when they finish a good book, tv series ends, or finish a movie, its feels like they lost a good friend. There is a similar feeling when you finish a video game with a good story. amirite?

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portal 2

thatguyss avatar thatguys Yeah You Are +5Reply
@thatguys portal 2


EpicFlameSwords avatar EpicFlameSword Yeah You Are +1Reply

Kingdom Hearts

Rainbowss avatar Rainbows Yeah You Are +4Reply
@Rainbows Kingdom Hearts

At least it's not over yet!

EmptyMelodiess avatar EmptyMelodies Yeah You Are 0Reply
@Rainbows Kingdom Hearts

Sora! Riku! Kiari! Roxas! Namine!
Ahh how I miss them!
I think I'm going to play the two games again now. :)
If my PS3 will let me that is. -.-

Canadian_Ninjas avatar Canadian_Ninja Yeah You Are 0Reply

Any Zelda I've played.

any pokemon

Kashus avatar Kashu Yeah You Are +2Reply

HetaOni, although it's only on hiatus and not ended.

This user has deactivated their account.


EpicFlameSwords avatar EpicFlameSword Yeah You Are 0Reply

Final Fantasy type 0 <3

FreakinDenials avatar FreakinDenial Yeah You Are 0Reply

The GoW series. I cried at the end of the final campaign. It was literally part of my childhood.

Vaxeds avatar Vaxed Yeah You Are -1Reply
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