I don't see what's so wrong with reverse mermaids with a fish head instead of a tail. We have reverse centaurs with horse heads, just look at Sarah Jessica Parker, amirite?

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So Sarah Jessica Parker walks in to a bar and the bartender says, "Why the long face?"

Dinosaurss avatar Dinosaurs Yeah You Are +17Reply

That made me laugh so hard!

Brambleclaw8s avatar Brambleclaw8 Yeah You Are +8Reply

Why is this in horror? I guess it kind of fits.

Brettward95s avatar Brettward95 Yeah You Are +1Reply

I love this post.

Sexys avatar Sexy Yeah You Are +1Reply

hahaha this reminds me of my dad, he doesn't get why people think she's pretty, her nose bothers him lol

cookiedoughs avatar cookiedough Yeah You Are 0Reply

We do have reverse mermaids.... Cameron Diaz.

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