It's dumb when someone says something so trivial is the worst thing in the world (losing your homework and not being able to find it, for example) when there are so many things much, much worse. Like having your toenails ripped off one by one very slowly, amirite?

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Or worse than that.

Having your fingers ripped off, watching someone manically eat them and crunch on them every single time, and then dealing with having no fingers, so they eat your arms and move on until you're only a head, but God feels like torturing you, so he keeps you alive by attaching your heart to your head, and God convinces some basketball players that you're a basketball, so they start using you as a basketball, and a once normal person is now a mangled, deformed head, kept alive only by torture and pain. Then, having your eyeballs scraped out with a fork and being eaten like eggs, then having your teeth painfully pulled out, and your tongue cut out.

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