Your girlfriend does this really annoying thing where she doesnt exist, amirite?

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My boyfriend is even worse, he doesn't even know we are dating yet! I mean, WTF?

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@Ellen My boyfriend is even worse, he doesn't even know we are dating yet! I mean, WTF?

maybe you should have wrote "pretended we arn't dating yet?"

idk the logic just seemed a little off :P

My girlfriend is really into role play... Once a month for about a week, she likes to dress up like herself and act like a complete bitch.

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What's a girlfriend?


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This is the first post that has made me laugh out loud in days.

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She exists... She's just been pretending to be my ex for the past two years.

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Apparently the right person will come along if I give them some time. I think she got run over by a bus.

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OMG my boyfriend does the same thing!!!

I know! I've tried to talk to her about it but she's such a bad listener, sometimes it just feels like I'm talking to myself :(

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Yeah, i totally hate when she does that.

I'll go cry now

@Mario I'll go cry now

She's in another castle

@hearts1020 She's in another castle

Really? Is there any other cliche you could have used?

I consider my hand my girlfriend so in some ways, she does exist.

Id forgive her for doing it.. if I could find her :/

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existence is not a real predicate

@orisstephenfry existence is not a real predicate

You don't have a right to be correcting people on things if you can't even capitalize the first letter of a sentence and end it with a period. Also, it's a joke.

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I <3 u op, you have made my day

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