You love reading adults post's to other adults on Facebook. It's just so hilariously awkward, amirite?

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Especially when they have this face after every sentence.. :-)

that_girl_jss avatar that_girl_js Yeah You Are +12Reply

"Hello Jim. Office meeting tomorrow at 8am. Don't forget :-)"
"Hello Mark. I won't :-)"
"I love you babe. Can't wait to see you." "Sorry about that Jim, meant to send that to Cindy!"
..oh the awkward.

Chells avatar Chell Yeah You Are +8Reply

People that bitch about small grammatical errors and feel the need to correct any mistake really bother me.

Anonymous +7Reply

older relatives, like parents, to their kids. even more awkward

adult's posts****

That was really bothering me :/

Anonymous -3Reply

I hate you for your grammar.

Anonymous -5Reply
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