It's stupid when people say overweight people should pay more for their clothes since more material is used to make it. Anorexia is just as bad and unhealthy as being obese, so it doesn't make sense and is not fair that they should pay less because they're smaller than you, amirite?

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Well they do use more fabric and fabric costs money. walk into any department store and this is already happening. It goes size xxl and above pay 2 or more dollar more for the same item, because they use twice the fabric.

I have never heard anyone say that..

That might be because I live under a rock, though.

No offense to people that are naturally skinny/small.

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Ideally, they should have larger sizes costing more for cheaper clothes, like from Walmart, but only after size 10 so as to not force people into anorexia/bulimia. Also, they should increase the price of size 0 clothes to help people out o anorexia, with minimum effect on naturally small people. The branded stuff that costs a small fortune should be price the same for all sizes though. I am fat myself, so don't call me size-ist.

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