People all have a right to enjoy something without being called mainstream or hipster. amirite?

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@Rainboots 90% of the music I listen to is bashed so hard it's a death sentence pretty much anywhere so instead of worrying about what people think of it, enjoy your music and tell anyone who tells you otherwise to fuck off.


I agree with you, but also with the original post: I think it's perfectly fine to call a song or band mainstream or hipster, but that doesn't make the person who likes it mainstream or hipster, necessarily.

I mean, I like old music. Doesn't make me old.


I too enjoy music that this website would destroy. I like so many different kinds of music from different genres and years that I can't really be labeled anything. I can listen to Nicki Minaj one second, Queen the next, Calvin Harris after then Panic! at the Disco. If I like something then I will listen to it. People care WAY too much about what people listen to, listen to what you want and don't bash what others listen to. Music is about taste, what some like others don't.

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