Girls r obviously smarter than boys. A girl's best friend is diamonds, but a man's best friend is a dog, amirite?

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Also, did you know that diamonds are mined by slaves in Africa? Secondly, diamonds didn't become popular until the 50's, when the company De Beers started a campaign to push the idea of diamond jewelery down our throats and to brainwash women into thinking they need diamonds? Have fun supporting an inanimate object that is basically worthless, I'll stick with my dog.

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I'm pretty sure that by man's best friend it's referring to mankind as a whole, and not just males. I'll stick with my dog as well.

And Diamond Dogs are who's best friend?

Sure, enjoy that after an apocalypse, I have a roach and a dog to be my companions, be-yotch, I'll stick with the domesticated canine as well, thanks.