As you get older, the way you act on Christmas morning changes. When you're very young, you get up and go downstairs straight away, only having to wait for your parents. As you hit your teens, you're still excited but you don't get up as early. When you reach early adulthood, it's a fun day but you're still comfortable lying in a bit longer. And when you reach adulthood, you're the cause of the delayed present opening, amirite?

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My parents used to not let us into the living room on Christmas morning until everyone was ready.

I vow to never do that.

And I'm well into my teens but still get up hella early. I'm going to stay up all night this year.

I've always had to wait until like 6:00 pm, when the whole family was over and we were all done with dinner. It's excruciatingly painful! When I'm a parent, I'm probably gonna be the one waking my kids up super early to open presents instead!

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When I was a kid I was up right away. But my adolescent years took the magic of christmas away...I didn't really think of that until now, it's actually kind of sad :/

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It varies for me, but usually I'm up super early, and lying in bed, trying not to get up and sit around the tree like a selfish child

One year, my mom made my brother and I wait until everyone had showered/gotten dressed/had breakfast before we could open our presents. I swear she took extra time blow drying her hair and stuff just to make us wait. We ended up waiting for 2 hours.

@Juliaface What? We open presents in our pajamas.

We usually do, but that year just ha to be different for whatever reason. I still don't get why we had to go through all of that just to open presents.

@i_love_you_and_tacos We usually do, but that year just ha to be different for whatever reason. I still don't get why we had to go...

Yeah. We've never been the Christmas card picture, or dress up for christmas types in our family.

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So what you're saying is how early you get up on xmas morning is directly proportional to your age

Every year we've had to wait until my mom and dad woke up. We usually go downstairs at 7:30. Sometimes when we were really little, my parents blocked us off with baby gates

Jokes on you, I celebrate on Christmas Eve. ;)

@deadmau5 Why?

I'm not really sure. We always have.
I think it's mostly because my family wants to have dinner and stuff with friends, and they all celebrate on Christmas day, so on Christmas Eve they can come.

I slept all Christmas. Got up around 9 to exchange presents and have pancakes, then went back to bed, got up late afternoon to eat a bit, then back to bed.

That was an awesome day.

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