When you thimk about it, training bras are kinda stupid. What are you training for? The boob olympics? amirite?

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Yes, actually... the boob olympics are a special sort of olympics... held every 4 years in secrecy and withheld from anyone who doesn't have extraordinary breasts, I only found out about it once, because they accidentally sent the invitation to me instead of Madam KicksAss aLot.

its mainly for girls who are just getting breasts but they're not large enough to be a "size" yet, but to hide the nipples you'll see through a shirt.

I guess its just supposed to get you used to the feeling first, and keeps girls who barely have boobs from wearing actual bras just to make it seem like they're developed already.

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Yeah, it's for girls in that in between stage. They are not completely flat, but they are not an A cup, and you can still see small breasts through a tight shirt which can be embarrassing.

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It's to train the young girls to want to wear something under their shirt

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