The rules you had to follow in kindergarten prohibited just about everything you do now, amirite?

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Nobody can stop me from eating glue!

There was this science teacher in my Kindergarten and Elementary school who used to patrol the schoolyard at lunch and gave us detention for eating while standing up. I felt so rebellious my first day of Middle school when I stood up and ate my peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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My kindergarten teacher had never taught before and didn't have a clue what she was doing, so we got punished for the weirdest things. Several examples I can think of; I had to sit in time out because my crayon was squeaking while I colored (she'd given me a warning about my "disruptive behavior," but it was a squeaky crayon and I wasn't sure how to get it to stop) she told a boy he couldn't go to the bathroom and made him sit until he wet himself, and she'd tell us to listen closely to the instructions and then try to do the craft project without asking for help, refused to take questions, and yelled at anyone who did it wrong.
Oh, and on Halloween she made it mandatory for everyone in class to bring candy, myself included, and then threw me out of the room during the party because of my food allergies, but kept the candy I'd brought so I didn't get anything.

Especially "Keep your hands to yourself."

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We had to keep our volume at a minimum during lunch, and if the cafeteria got too noisy, we might miss a day of recess or something. Now we can be as loud as we want in the cafeteria.

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@musikismyremedy How do you people survive....

I went to and oddly strict elementary school, lol. If it was raining out so we couldn't have recess, we would go to the auditorium and watch a movie. If we were too noisy we could not watch the movie until everyone in the room put up a peace sign and was quiet for like three minutes. My principal's motto was "If you can see me...I can see YOU!" Creepy.

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@musikismyremedy :O I'd be freaked. Five year olds with that much discipline? Wow..

It lasted until the 5th grade. In the sixth grade, we got a new principal, so things were better, and then I graduated.

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@musikismyremedy :O how could you live so long under that rule? I'd die.

I thought it was normal, but when when I got to middle school and high school, I realized that it wasn't. I could seriously write a book about the crazy rules we had to follow in that school, and just he overall insanity of our principal.

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@musikismyremedy What else did (s)he make you do?

I don't know if others schools do this, but boys and girls were not allowed to play together during recess once the first grade started. We were also not allowed to dress up for Halloween because our principal was a devout Catholic (this was a public school, btw). During every single morning announcement, he would say, "Can I have your attention pleassssssssssssssssse?" He held the 's' out for like 5 seconds. Then there were the school dollar bills we had with his face on them. If a class collected enough $ for "good behavior" they could get a pizza or ice cream party.

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@musikismyremedy :O YOU'RE KIDDING.. What did your parents say about that!?

Nothing. I thought a lot of it was normal, so I didn't tell them, and they weren't really involved with the school. I think they actually liked some of his unconventional ways, but all is well. I didn't come out too bad, lol. It wasn't real money, by the way, just paper printed with his face on it.

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In my elementary school, during lunch we had five minutes of no talking, where if you were caught whispering, you had to sit out if recess. When I got to junior high, I was amazed that I got to talk for as long or as loud as I wanted.

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It wouldn't have been so bad, but our lunches were only 10 minutes, so it was pretty difficult for a bunch of five year olds to spend half their lunch period in silence.

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