Why is it that people can watch violent movies where humans are shot, stabbed, and raped all day, but in a movie where one dog is shot once, all hell breaks loose? Where are our priorities, amirite?

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EXACTLY. That's what I'm always saying to people :D

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Well, not to be mean, but normally in those movies the poeple deserve to be shot/killed. Not raped though, I don't know about anyone else but I can't stomach that in movies. No one deserves that. The animals never did anything wrong. Also, most people have bad experiences with people, where as most people can recall better memories with the animals. Maybe said person was bullied, abused, raped or whatever and the character looks or acts like the attacker. Maybe it's just me, but I would imagine if a person was given the chance to save an animal or a person who made their life hellish or who made someone else's life Hellish, they would give pause in that dicision. Save an animal that may bring someone joy or save a person who may make someone depressed. Sorry to say, but people sometimes really suck. Animals, even if they kill you, it's just because they're animals.
Alright, I'm done with my long, pointless, mispelled rant. I don't even think I made one point. Damn, that is a new record

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I guess animals just seem to innocent. They've never done anything to hurt anyone, but most people are not that great.

Which movie are you talking about?

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