It's annoying when people blame 'society'. We are all what makes up society- to make a difference we have to change ourselves first. amirite?

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yea, it's easier to complain about the world than to actually look at yourself, identify your own faults, and determine what you should be doing in the world to make it a better place

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It always annoys me so much when people blame society for problems, like that quote "you're not ugly, society is". When girls post that as their status I just want to say "BUT YOU'RE SOCIETY!" Or when this girl I know did a speech blaming society for peoples' self esteem issues. You are also society so you are also to blame. You can't just start throwing around the word society to use it as something to hold the blame.

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I strongly disagree. Often times the individual is fine. It's when people are in groups that problems arise. (Not just "society.")

I'm starting with the (wo)man in the mirror!!!

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