When you post a sarcastic comment and it gets up voted, you feel relieved. Not because it has a positive score, but because people actually understood that you were being sarcastic, amirite?

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I had a sarcastic post that was getting a lot of "No way"s. Then I put it into the sarcasm category and it got voted back to being positive. :P

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@Laguakat How do you do that?

After you submit a post, you can go back to it and see that there's like, a blue tag in the bottom right corner of the little text box it's in. Click on that and it'll give you the full menu of groups. :D (most people don't use them. :B)

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Wait... I don't see it... maybe it doesn't work on the app?

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maybe they didn't realize that it was sarcastic, but they agreed as if you were serious

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