It should be industry standard that when a house is built, it has a sound proof room. Like, the living room, the bathroom, the dining room, a couple bedrooms, and the soundproof room. amirite?

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I feel like that would be the murdering room

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For all your industrial, sexual and musical needs

OFWGKTAs avatar OFWGKTA Yeah You Are +23Reply

I could really use a peaceful shit now that I think about it..

MYSTERlOUSs avatar MYSTERlOUS Yeah You Are +15Reply

The soundproof room, encouraging suicide and murder since 2012.

The bathroom should be the soundproof room; I hate having to hear people pee.

Soups avatar Soup Yeah You Are +7Reply

I don't know, that sounds sort of creepy.

sansas avatar sansa No Way +4Reply

I wanted to soundproof my room because when I started playing guitar I got yelled at by my family and my neighbours that it was too loud -.-

Cassandras avatar Cassandra Yeah You Are +1Reply

But if you got trapped in it or needed help..

@Mtrenchie But if you got trapped in it or needed help..

if you get trapped INSIDE any kind of room, you're an idiot by default...

Yes, where nobody can hear you say "no" ...
What? Like I was the only one thinking about that!

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