They should make tall people sit in the back of the theater so that we can all see instead of having someone's dome blocking your view, amirite?

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Fuck that. I paid full price, I'll sit where I damn well please.

shorkians avatar shorkian No Way +11Reply

How about, instead, they make the theater rows higher up so you can see above their heads instead of making the theater seem anti-tall people?

What's net, make them sit in the back of the bus? Not this again.

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They should just lock the tall people in a dark room until the movie's over. Because fuck those guys.

LittleReds avatar LittleRed Yeah You Are +4Reply

As a tall person, I wouldn't mind. Sitting near the front kills my neck.

Yes, that's totally true! :)

Yentls avatar Yentl Yeah You Are -4Reply
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