It's ok to drink excessively on your 21st birthday, amirite?

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I was drunk by noon on my 21st birthday.

SpearmintMilks avatar SpearmintMilk Yeah You Are +5Reply

It's okay to drink excessively on anybody's 21st birthday.

AtheisticMystics avatar AtheisticMystic Yeah You Are +3Reply

The 22 people who voted NW are judgemental assholes.

Anonymous +3Reply
@The 22 people who voted NW are judgemental assholes.

Or suffered massive hangovers and just disagree with the excessive part.

I won't be drinking on my 21st birthday so my friends will have to get drunk for me.

My teacher told some story about a kid drinking so much hard liquor on his 21st that his body couldn't handle it. I think he ended up hospitalized.

So don't make it too excessive.

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