The number of facebook friends you have divided by the number of hours you spend on facebook equals the number of friends who actually want to hang out with you, amirite?

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200 friends, 0.5 hours per day... 400 friends. :D

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So wait, a person with a thousand friends who spends 10 hours on Facebook everyday still has a hundered people who want to hangout with him. That ain't bad.

Let me work this out:
0 ÷ 0 = Error. But yes, this is a good theory.

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133. Not bad.

0 friends on facebook,
0 hours per day.
0 / 0 = Infinity.

I have an infinite number of friends.

@Andromeda 0 divided by 0 isn't infinity...

Actually it kinda depends on where the zeros come from, in this case you're right though.

@Andromeda 0 divided by 0 isn't infinity...

In theory, yes it is.
How many times can you put 0 into 0? It will both go in Infinity times, and 0 times, and 3 times, and -2 times.

Technically, it's NaN, but for any other number on top, it's infinity.

I hate 0.

So I get 3/4 of a person? What about the other quarter?

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