It would either be awesome or really disturbing if we shared dreams with people who were sleeping in the same house. Instead of waking up the next morning and saying, "I had this dream about..." it would be like, "I can't believe you did that in our dream last night.", amirite?

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Or it'd be really awkward the next morning at the breakfast table.

StickCavemans avatar StickCaveman Yeah You Are +19Reply

That reminds me of an episode of spongebob

I think it would be really cool to see who remembers what parts, and then try to piece it all together.

Although, some dreams I wouldn't want to share with my mom. hello smilie

Hairyleos avatar Hairyleo Yeah You Are +10Reply

i think my family would be concerned because i dream about things like injecting orange soda into my arm :/

@YeahIAm You're family members aren't the only ones concerned.

Wow, I used the wrong form or "your." Considering I'm normally a Grammar Nazi, I feel very stupid right now.

Or if you could like dream Skype with people.

OFWGKTAs avatar OFWGKTA Yeah You Are +6Reply

I wouldn't sleep....one of my dreams is probably enough to land me in a mental home for life...

Chewbanshees avatar Chewbanshee Yeah You Are +4Reply

Sometimes my dreams seem so real that I think that it actually happened. If someone does something in my dream I will become subconsciously mad at them and then I get over myself.

Lauraladybugs avatar Lauraladybug Yeah You Are +2Reply

Depending on the person it could get really disturbing xD

Sofias avatar Sofia Yeah You Are +2Reply

Haha that would be hilarious.

Damis avatar Dami Yeah You Are +1Reply

Yep. And I'd go with the disturbing option.

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