Guys: you used to feel like a man trapped in a woman's body but, then you were born, amirite?

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Illogical comma placement.

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@Deadpool Illogical comma placement.

Fragment, see me after class.

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I used to feel like a skinny girl trapped in a fat lady's body, but then I was born.

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If you were an MTF transsexual, whose parent was an FTM transsexual BEFORE having surgery, would you be a girl trapped in a boy's body trapped in a man's body trapped in a woman's body, before you were born? o_0

EDIT: Hah, the captcha for this was "mumjo jumbo"... it knoowws.

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@Bring_Me_FRITOS How could you be a transexual if you hadn't been born yet?

... Transsexual doesn't mean 'has had surgery'. It just means you identify with a different gender. Technically, a foetus doesn't have a comprehension of gender because we learn that as we grow up, but many transsexuals feel they have always been that way.

E: Anyway, it was just a joke, of course it's waaay more complicated than that. :)

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