A vegetarian who supports abortion doesn't quite make sense to me. I'm not saying either side of both is right or wrong, but how can you advocate animal rights but ignore human rights, amirite?

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I am a vegetarian who is pro-choice. It's not that I'm a fan of abortion, but it should be a woman's right to be able to have one.

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Dude, it's right because animals are often underpopulated while humans are over populated. Just evening things out

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Not all vegetarians are advocating animal rights, some just do it because raising animals for food is bad for the environment, or a multitude of other reasons.

And there is a difference between raising an animal for food, and choosing to terminate an unborn child.. they're no similar at all. Although I am pro-choice, your point doesn't make sense.

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How does "human rights" put the rights of unconscious clumps of cells over those of actual humans? Certainly witholding choice from a women over what does or does not happen to her body is a human rights violation.

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@How does "human rights" put the rights of unconscious clumps of cells over those of actual humans? Certainly...

Thank you for pointing out another flaw in my logic. I made the assumption that people also consider that "unconscious clump of cells" as life. I guess the post I made had too many what-ifs.

Her body, her choice.
I'm a vegetarian, that's my body, my choice.

Also, many women choose to have an abortion to spare a child from a miserable life. Tay-sachs disease can be recognized while the baby is developing in the womb. Children with that disease die before the age of 5 and live very painful lives. When a woman chooses to spare her child of a short and sickly life she is doing so for humane reasons, just like a vegetarian who chooses not to eat meat for animal rights.

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I guess I should've clarified that vegetarians who are doing it because it's horrible treatment for animals.
The similarity is that it is about something's life but the difference is what life is being talked about and how people think human life (or an unborn child's life) compares to an animal's life.

Women get hurt when abortion is made illegal. How about women's rights?
If a woman is going to take such a strong action like getting an abortion, law won't get in the way. She'll just get a back-alley one, where she could possibly contract disease and die of complications. It's like Prohibition; abortion levels did not go down when it was illegal.

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Vegetarians choose to not eat meat, but let others eat it if they want to. That's how I feel about abortion... Personally? I probably wouldn't get one. If other people want to? They can go ahead and do it.

I have the right to choose meat or not. They have the right to get an abortion. I would never get an abortion but I'm still prochoice. I don't understand why that makes me hypocrytical.

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