Everyone who reads this, PLEASE pray for my school, Chardon High School. There was a shooting, 5 victims in total, 3 of them passed. My step brother was one, he's in critical condition. Even if you don't wanna pray, at least hope for our town and families and everyone that everything will be okay. Thank you. amirite?

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Is this the one in Ohio? You have my prayers, along with the families of the students who passed away. May God be with you.

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I heard about this. It's just.. horrible. I'm so sorry.

I hope your brother makes it through this.

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I live near there, and I am very sorry for everyone that died or was injured. Truly, my heart goes out to them.
This sounds like an MLIA post though, and there is nothing to vote on.

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Call me a dick, but I believe this post is just fishing for votes. Sorry to everyone who had to experience the shooting, but this isn't a sympathy site.

Also, if this guy's brother is really a person who was injured during the event, do you really think he's going to take the time to get on amirite? I for one would be sitting in the hospital with my brother waiting for some hope.

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So basically you don't want us to do anything?

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