It's hard to be a girl, amirite?

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I can't NW or YYA this, because while it is true, it is not any different from being anybody else. It is hard to be anybody, boy or girl; so just stop bitching.

@stacysmom did i say it wasn't hard to be a boy?

What I'm saying is that this post would be like posting "Girls: you're alive, amirite?" there really is no need to specify the gender. Also, everybody has a hard life, this post is nothing new. Maybe you could have done something like: Girls: your period sucks, amirite? because the specification actually makes sense. I'm not mad that you did not include boys (I'm not mad at all) but just that making it gender specific does not make sense.

@Pergenstein What I'm saying is that this post would be like posting "Girls: you're alive, amirite?" there really is no need to...

well saying me a b*****ing doesn't seem not mad, but sorry for misunderstanding. girls! we never understand lol take everything personal and crap. it's the hormones.

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Like why?

@DryTurtle Like why?

Cuz like, we have to do our hair and make up, and like, wear perfectly matching clothes, and like, periods and child birth and stuff. Omgz, it soo difficult!!

Dear girls: You don't have to do any of those things (except have periods). It's hard to be anyone, you just chose to make it harder.

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@stacysmom good one.....um yeah, hair and makeup and clothes are the fun part

I fucking hate doing hair makeup and finding mathcing clothes -.- Periods used to suck, but then I got on BC. Still, if you're a guy, people can see when you're horny and they can kick you in the nuts, which would hurt so bad they can even feel it in their stomach.

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Most of the problems that I hear girls complain about, are either not gender-related at all, or aren't real problems. From what I hear just about everything stems from a basic insecurity that seems to be very common among girls. While guys may have this too, it could almost be considered harder for us because not only do we have to deal with it, we're expected to act as if it isn't there; where as it's nothing out of the ordinary for girls to display this insecurity.

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