If the U.S. had a guy that was kidnapping thousands of children and forcing them to be soldiers and kill their parents, there probably wouldn't be many countries trying to help us out, amirite?

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Anonymous dumbass, I never said no one is allowed to help them. I reposted the video like the other thousands of people, I've donated money to the website, what else can I do? Buy a gun an fly over to Africa and try to find him myself? I'm sorry I can't afford that. I'm not saying they don't need help, all I'm saying is America often seems to be helping others to get nothing return. We're always giving some money to some cause when we could be using it to help get us out of debt, or help get OUR homeless off the streets. I realize America is more powerful and influential than they are, I was just using this as an example to prove my point.

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