Why the hell would you be in the friend zone simply because you're nice? There's something else there, please get off your high horse and realize it, amirite?

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At least you're in the friend zone :( I'm in the Forever Alone Zone

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I highly doubt people say "Oh, I don't want to date you because you're nice, and I want someone who treats me like dirt"
They probably just don't want to hurt your feelings. Would you rather them say "You're really annoying, and you've got a weird voice, and I'm not attracted to you at all. I just don't think you're boyfriend material!"

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I've learned from certain things that have happened to me that you don't always want honesty. Learning what people think of you, even if you don't really care about them, cuts deep. You wouldn't think it would hurt as much as it does, because you think of the worst things they could say. But actually hearing it hurts, even if only for an instant. I can't imagine hearing it from someone I wanted to date.
The truth is overrated sometimes.


I feel bad for people in the friend zone, I really do, but if they're not attracted to you, that seems like reason enough. You don't necessarily have to have this huge, terrible thing wrong with you. I'm just tired of guys saying "I'm perfect and super nice and douchebags get all the girls even if they're actually nice people who I simply don't know but I'm jealous of them so they suck and blahblahblahblahblah."

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Its notblike the girl know that. She is too afraid to hurt the feelings of a friend.

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It depends on how she phrased. If she said "Im not attracted to you." Versus "i think you're not boyfriend material because x y z."

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I get turned down all the time, and if I had a choice, I would definitely choose the first example I gave you.

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To guys who are in the friend zone because a girl said that you were a great friend or something like that: she is scared! If she likes she is scared of rejection. You still have a chance. Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

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@AntiJokeChicken I don't think you know what you're talking about.

I am entitled to my opinion. Just because it doesn't match up with what you think, doesn't make my opinion invalid.
Allow me to rephrase that.
Let's say that you are talking with your crush, who you are good friends with. So she just one day says "you're a really good friend, Derp." You should not consider that being friendzoned. If I were the girl and I liked the boy, I would have been too scared to say anything else, so I called him a friend because it would be too awkward to say something else.


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