Getting hit in the crotch hurts for girls, too. There's very little to block the direct pressure on the pelvic bone, and beside that the clitoris is also being smashed against the bone. Amirite?

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That, yes. And a lot of guys don't realize how bad it hurts us to get hit in the boob.

Well, obviously. Being hit anywhere kind of hurts for anyone.

A good ol' fashion cuntpunt

No one is saying that it doesn't hurt to get kicked in the crotch, but being kicked in the balls is pretty much the worst pain an adult male can experience that doesn't require a trip to the hospital.
Imagine being punched in the eye, and then imagine the pain moves to your stomach and stays there for about five minutes, and the only way you can make it hurt less is by laying down, curling in a ball and laying still. Then even after you're ready to stand back up, your abdomen feels like you've been running for 2 hours straight for the next hour or so.
Testes are pretty fragile organs, and they're vital to reproduction, add that to the fact that they're on the outside of the body, what that means is that your body wants you to know as soon as there's the slightest risk to them, so it goes right ahead and puts an ungodly number of pain receptors on them both.

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Yeah but you don't actually know that.

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No it isn't, the clitoris isn't the female equivalent of the testes, they would be entirely different sensations.

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I have no idea what it's like to get hit in the balls but I've unthinkingly brought my foot up too fast and at the wrong angle trying to sit on it before and it hurts. Really, really hurts. Yes, it's less accessible (to others- if you accidently put your heel up there there's zero protection) but it's enough to bring tears to your eyes.

I'd imagine it's nowhere near as painful as getting hit in the balls though.

anybody else think of Project X and the midget? no? ok...

What is it like to get kicked in the balls? Just curious.

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