Guys: Girls are prettiest when they're in between fat and super skinny, with just enough curves, Amirite?

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, stop trying to shoehorn all possible definitions of beauty into an amirite post.

I hate posts like this. It all depends on the girl. Some girls look better thin, some don't.

See, everybody nowadays talks about girls with curve being the most attractive...but they don't seem to realize that curvy and fat are not the same

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Obviously there is no set definition of beauty. This site is about opinions. He wants to know what your opinion on beauty is. We don't need to go over this every single time do we?

Don't hate on me, but I find skinny girls more attractive

Everyone's right, but im gonna pretend guys really do think that so i can feel sexy

Honestly, there is no definition of beauty. You can be attracted to different looking people. There isn't always a type.

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