Some of the things we do to our bodies are really strange. It's considered normal to have a hole in your ear(s) to put small bits of material in. Many females go through the process of applying chemicals to the hard fibers growing out of their fingers so as to change the color. If you were an alien, you would probably find these things unusual, amirite?

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Technically is doesn't change the colour. It just puts a new layer of colour over it.

People are just trying to impress a mate like any other animal we just don't have fancy tails or hair we can make do cool things like other animals so we need to use foreign objects to get the same effect.

We studied this in my sociology class. We were given a description of some of our common daily routines, like brushing our teeth and were told to write out our reactions to it. People said some weird things, like "idiots" and "stupid", it was really cool.

Somepeople, were they called nacirema by any chance? And I still think the weirdest thing is high heels. I mean who first thought "hmmmmm if i stick a pole to the back part of this shoe, but leave the front part on the ground it'll obviously be a better shoe"

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You can describe any term with language like that and make it seem weird.

I think it's also strange that people pluck hair from their eyebrows. just a strange thing to do

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