Mom says no cake for breakfast but then serves dense cake covered in liquid sugar, also known as pancakes, amirite?

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shuddap. Pancakes are the freckles of the GODS.

My mother lets us eat cake for breakfast.
But we don't have cake often, so it's kind of a special treat.

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Sugar isn't all that unhealthy unless you over do it. Yogurt has a lot of protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. It also helps with preventing antibiotic-associated diarrhea.

Not saying fruit loops are unhealthy though. But just because something has more sugar than another thing doesn't mean the one with less sugar is the healthier one.


Oh I see. In that case, food isn't unhealthy because it's sugary unless it's got a lot of sugar and no nutritional value. Yogurt may me sugary but it has nutritional value. Fruit Loops is also considered kinda healthy too, even though it's sugary it's still made with whole grain and stuff.


I like natural yoghurt with fruit as a sweetener, which is definitely more healthy than sugary cereal.

"now son, you are not going to have cake for breakfast. You are going to have fried cake with syrup!"

There's a difference though... not everyone eats their pancakes like that. I eat it plain or sometimes I put raw honey on it cool smilie

Anyway, you can eat things like pound/marble cakes for breakfast. It's just how much bread to other stuff ratio is on it.

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