Jet is a terrible name for a child, amirite?

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What no Avatar reference? I'm ashamed.

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@What no Avatar reference? I'm ashamed.

If it helps that was the first thing I thought of.

I know a Skye Walker, but that's pretty cool. And two familys with the last name Pancakes and Waffles respectively.

Chells avatar Chell No Way +8Reply

Am I the only one that thought of Avatar: The Last Airbender?

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Uh, Jet You'Betcha? You'Betchya self it's a great name.

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Jett Jackson!

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@Jett Jackson!


I know a lot of people with the last name Shoemake. They're all hoes but I like their last name..

Not as bad as Rocket. I know one...

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@stacysmom Not as bad as Rocket. I know one...

It would be cool if the family name was Rocket. Then they would be Team Rocket.

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"If i had a another boy, had a girl, but i like the unusual boys names; Cruz, Jax, Jace, Ocean, or my new fave that i recently heard was Beckham, his mom called him Becks for short, love it!" Who names their child Ocean? No offense if anyone is named Ocean...

Says the guy whose username is MrSirAwesomePants.

A girl I used to know named her son Merlyn Michael-Angelo..

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I know a guy named cleat

davidsplanteIIs avatar davidsplanteII Yeah You Are 0Reply

As of late her sons name is "Jet Star Soria". How unfortunate, amirite?

Novas avatar Nova Yeah You Are 0Reply

I like that name for a boy. One of my literary characters is named Jet, and he is one of my favorites.

Jet Travolta!

My cat's name is Jett wary smilie

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