It's pretty strange that Middle Eastern women always are linked with the "belly-dancer" stereotype (like Princess Jasmine) where they supposedly wear bikini tops and long, flowy pants because Muslim rules are so strict about women being modest, amirite?

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Middle Eastern doesn't automatically mean Muslim -_-

@SpearmintMilk Middle Eastern doesn't automatically mean Muslim -_-

Yes and no. Islam is the largest religious group in the region and the state religion of almost all middle eastern countries. The Islamic state employ the Shari'a laws to Muslim and non-muslim populations alike. So, even if you are not a Muslim, if you live in any of the Islamic states, you live under Islamic law.

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No it's not strange because unlike you, who only see what your country's news puts about Arab countries, I actually live in an Arab country and I'm Arab. Not all Arab countries are like Saudi Arabia, not all Arabs are muslims (even if a huge part of them are), and a lot of Muslim girls don't even wear a hijab (me being one of them). F.Y.I Shakira's Lebanese. (And for those who don't know, Lebanon's an Arab country, and there are more Christians living here in Lebanon than Muslims)

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Not to mention Islam isn't the only religion there. Arabism is very prominent and different from Islam as well as Sikism, etc.

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I thought it was, but you might be right

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No, I know for a fact that there is a big difference between Islam and Arab. I know Arabs will get fairly upset if they are stereotyped as Muslim. Again, you might be right about Arabism being a religion (it might be that and a race; like Jews) but they aren't synonymous

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Eh...good enough for me I guess

Maybe that's how they mostly dressed before Islam was created.

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