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I don't really care what is a sport or isn't. If it takes hard work, discipline, skill, and time and all that, it gets at least some of my respect if it's done well.

"An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others" according to Google, so apparently, it is a sport! What's all this "not a sport" stuff going around recently? Did I miss something? I live in a cave. D:

I thought it was?

It's an Olympic Sport...

So swimming is a sport, but synchronized swimming is not?

@cpbulldog15 So swimming is a sport, but synchronized swimming is not?

Yup. According to my criteria for sport, although others will disagree.

Criteria 1 - The activity must require physical exertion and being physically fit should be an advantage. (e.g. a fitter should have an advantage to some unfit person)

  • Synchronised Swimming fulfils this
    Criteria 2 - The sport must have a very specific points system that is not based on human opinion (e.g. get a ball in a basket, get a point), and the point system should not include how good you look while doing it
    *Human opinions is used in determining the winner, therefore Synchronised Swimming does not meet the criteria
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1) I'm not American, or even close.
2) I'm not saying you shouldn't do or enjoy something unless it's a sport, I just have opinions on categories of sports which I felt like voicing.
3) I'm not saying sports are better or require more skill, I'm just pointing out that in my mind there is a difference.

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