Video game makers should program a 'fatigue' factor that stops you from doing the same combo or press the same button too many times in a row, to prevent button mashing no0bs from winning against people who have actually some skill/experience, amirite?

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This is a huge issue in fighters when your fighting some dick with a faster character that keeps using the same attack.

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If the game is any good the skilled people will be able to beat the button mashers nearly everytime

In Left 4 Dead they have that if you try to spam melee.

There's stamina in skyrim!

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I don't believe in the concept of noob tubes. I think Halo and COD make grenade launchers rare enough or hard to get or limit them in some way, so it would be pretty easy for you to kill a guy before he has the chance to use one on you, even without camping at the spawn point. They are overpowered, but I think that's just so that new players can have a chance at kills and have some fun. noob tubing happens seldom enough and it it get too annoying, all the pros can gang up on him and make sure he doesn't get it again.

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