It's good to read books, but if getting notes from Sparknotes will help you understand the main ideas of the book you're currently reading in English class, then there is no no point in reading an entire book. amirite?

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I often read the book, and then I read over sparknotes shortly before the test/paper so I don't miss any key points/themes.

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SparkNotes doesn't have every little thing mentioned in the book. You're going to miss a lot if you forgo reading it in favor of SparkNotes.

Heh, I read neither of the books for my English class, just listened to the discussions in class and read SparkNotes and I managed to get a pretty good grade (I'm not even all that great at English). Sooo, SparkNotes can actually be pretty handy.

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SparkNotes is often wrong about plot details; but some of the analytical details are acquired from SparkNotes (for example what EVERY SINGLE FUCKING COLOR OF ANYTHING IN THE BOOK REPRESENTS). It also has information about the time period in which the book was written, which can be helpful in getting a better understanding of the social commentary inherent in the book. I personally used SparkNotes 1 or 2 times in all of high school, but if you use it in addition to reading the book it is almost always helpful.

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